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No matter the time of day, regardless of the weather, nothing stops Pend Oreille Paramedics from being there when an emergency strikes you or the ones you care about.
Our highly skilled team of EMTs and Paramedics at Pend Oreille Paramedics, working in conjunction with our volunteer fire district partners, strive to provide the highest level of care dedicated to the people of south Pend Oreille County and the surrounding areas. 



Pend Oreille Paramedics provides Critical Care, ALS, and BLS transport services for both our resource hospital and all other facilities within our service area. With protocols reflecting the latest in evidence-based medicine and state-of-the-art monitoring and ventilatory equipment, we are able to provide the highest quality BLS, ALS, and Critical Care transport services in the PNW.


Because of our non-profit status, Pend Oreille Paramedics is able to provide CPR, PreHospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, HAZMAT, and other ancillary training to all of the Fire Districts we serve, at no cost to our volunteer partners. We accomplish this through our relationship with Emergency Medical Education and Technology Systems ( 

As a recognized world leader in their field, Emergency Medical Education and Technology Systems provides EMS training both domestically and internationally to civilian EMS and fire departments, government agencies of many nations, and international clients in the oil and gas/construction industries.


Basic Life Support refers to the level of medical care that is given to victims with life-threatening injuries or illnesses until they can be transferred to a hospital or to receive full advanced life support medical care. We at Pend Oreille Paramedics believe that Basic Life Support is the first, and arguably most important, link in the "chain of survival" for any patient. 


Advanced Life Support (ALS) refers to life-saving protocols and skills that extend beyond the scope of Basic Life Support (BLS). Advanced Life Support is used to provide urgent treatment for emergencies such as trauma, cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, sepsis, and other conditions requiring the highest level of care possible. 

At Pend Oreille Paramedics, our paramedics are qualified to provide advanced life support and critical cares services and are trained and authorized to use the latest in evidence-based medications, cardiac protocols, and ventilatory management procedures prior to the arrival of the patient at an advanced care facility and/or to a regional specialty center hospital.


In conjunction with our resource hospital, Pend Oreille Paramedics provides community paramedicine services to patients after hospital discharge in addition to, through our daily interactions with the communities we serve, recognizing and addressing the needs of patients who lack primary health or palliative care services. Our community paramedicine services are one link in the chain to allow patients to safely and comfortably recuperate in their homes, without the requirement for repeated hospital visits. 


At Pend Oreille Paramedics, our paramedics and emergency medical technicians move with the firefighters on the fireline and provide medical care under an expanded scope of practice for illness and injuries that includes insect bites, wound care, dehydration, burns, blisters, cardiac arrest, and trauma.

At Pend Oreille Paramedics, our wildland medical teams are professional full-time Paramedics and EMTs, who, in addition to their full-time jobs performing EMS, have committed to the additional training and physical requirements of WIldland EMS to ensure only the highest level of medical care is provided immediately to the wildland firefighting team. 

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